See loans as collateral

Secured loans – see how you can easily get money

The real estate of a flat, house or plot, which we offer to our clients, is an ideal solution for anyone who is not able to fight for a bank, consumer or mortgage loan.

Stay for 1 year with an extension to 5 times

With an individual installment, without additional expenses for extensions and early repayment. Our “Loans Under Good Credit real estate” is a loan granted to secure the property up to half of its value (LTV 50%) for entrepreneurs.

We offer loans at the bottom of real estate pledges for the following cities: Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Poznan and others, namely we are flexible, so contact us when you want to get a loan, and we will prepare an individual offer for you.

Such loans are an excellent form of avoiding unnecessary costs related to bailiff executions. The interest rate on private mortgage loans is characterized by a low monthly cost of 2, 5-3%, and the fact that a bank loan can be launched simultaneously.

We are here to help you when others do not want to

With us you can receive adequate financial support in the absence of waiting. A construction plot, an agricultural plot, for which the building conditions are set, as well as an agricultural plot of more than 2 ha, may be a collateral for a loan for any plan.

We will select a loan season depending on your financial capabilities, so that repayment of installments is the most convenient. Debt relief works here on the principle of collateral on real estate and granting loans to repay debts, including those under bailiff’s enforcement.

We have prepared our offer in such a way that it is obviously suitable for every person. We grant loans for a period of 3 to 36 months, where installments are individually selected according to the needs, there is no additional money for early repayment.

I volunteered to visit the loan

They understood my condition and after a few days the situation was over, I run the company today and the loan for insurance was repaid after a quarter of a year, I recommend it.

Private mortgage loans seem to be not more expensive than a bank loan, because we are dealing with increased credit risk, but also available to almost everyone. Debt for the indebted – a unique private loan offer at the bottom of a pledge of real estate especially thanks to the recovery of bankruptcy estate since the trustee.

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