21 airport attractions to make your layover more enjoyable

If you’ve flown somewhere this summer, chances are it wasn’t easy. Passengers all over the world face long lines, unexpected delays and abrupt cancellations. There are many reasons air travel is so difficult right now, from staff shortages to inclement weather to supply chain issues. Most of the time, a long layover or delayed flight means eating overpriced food at the airport, browsing through magazines, and generally dealing with a bad mood. But a few extra hours in an airport can be surprisingly fun if you’re in the right place and know where to go.

There’s plenty of public art in and around airports, like Denver’s Blue Mustang and Edvard Munch’s original painting at Oslo Airport. Local history is also often on display. In New York, you can step back into the golden age of air travel at the TWA Flight Center, while in Athens, you can step back into the golden age of Greece with the archaeological exhibit of the airport. Singapore’s Changi Airport is almost a destination unto itself, with mazes, slides, gardens and a 130ft waterfall, to name a few of its offerings.

From a miniature movie theater to a butterfly garden, here are some fascinating fixtures you can find in airports around the world.

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