8′ Halloween Horror Nights 10′ Attractions for Different Types of People

It’s October, and that can only mean one thing for scare lovers: celebrating the Halloween spirit! For those in Singapore, Universal Studios Singapore has been home to an annual mainstay since 2011, and now it’s back in physical form after a two-year hiatus.

Halloween Horror Nights 10 (2)

Halloween Horror Nights 10 continues to impress this year with its high party factor from start to finish. The opening show, along with the three haunted houses and two spooky areas, proved enough to satisfy the scare itch, while the RIP Tour features three additional experiences to provide even more thrills and thrills.

This arrangement means there will be variety for visitors, who seek out and find interest in different elements of the event – much like how there are different personalities in haunted houses. From the flagship attraction Killustrator: The Final Chapter to the brand new Monsters & Manifestations segment, here are eight attractions that Halloween Horror Nights 10 has in store for different types of people, starting with its haunted houses, which appeal to different types of personalities.

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1) Killustrator: the final chapter

Obsessed with horror, the crazed Killustrator craves to see his twisted creations tormenting those who foolishly enter his world, including you.

Halloween Horror Nights 10 (3)

This one is for budding artists and enthusiasts, as well as manga lovers. As the main icon of this year’s iteration, it’s only fitting that the Killustrator has a show and a haunted house of its own. The live silent auction ceremony gives visitors clues to his story: mocked for his drawings at an auction, he brings his artistic creations to life and fires back at attendees, ensuring that no between them leaves the stage alive.

Killustrator: The Final Chapter builds on this narrative to present its creative process in the form of a haunted house. The scenography incorporates numerous illustrations and sketches, highlighting the spirit of creativity that should resonate with those who are in the creative field or who are accustomed to embarking on artistic projects.

These elements also lend a touch of personality to the attraction, with special brownie points awarded for accurate recreations of the HDB and MRT setting, accentuating the local flavor Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights are known for. Oh, and keep an eye out for tributes to past iterations of the event.

2) Operation: Dead Force

Descend into the secret bunker and lab of Special Forces Against the Dead (SFAD) and join them in eradicating the world of zombies.

Halloween Horror Nights 10 (4)

Fans of zombies and the living dead, this is your calling. Operation: Dead Force tones down the fear factor, but makes up for it with an impressive attention to detail that reflects the apocalyptic setting and the genre’s signature feeling of claustrophobia, especially in the dilapidated and rusty section of the bunker.

This meticulousness is also found in the design of the costumes. The creatures here are free from the unique aesthetic, each sporting a distinct look from their other undead peers. A grotesque-looking uniformed menace? Check. A flesh eater with a big, fat claw for a limb? Recheck. A zombie wearing a jacket and holding dynamite? Triple check.

3) Horror Hospitality

Check into this hotel and you’ll be enchanted by its beauty, but beware its dark secret – the restless spirit of its bloodthirsty former mistress will ensure you don’t leave.

Halloween Horror Nights 10 (5)

There’s a certain charm to hotel ghost stories, and Horror Hospitality builds on that popularity and appeal to create a memorable and haunting visit for staycation fans and frequent travelers alike. often alone in hotels. A luxurious exterior awaits visitors when they enter the premises, but as the saying goes, nothing is ever as it seems.

The sense of sophistication is further established with chic elements inside, such as lavishly decorated walls, a grand piano and a spacious bathtub where you can say goodnight…or goodbye to your friends. After all, the worst horrors can reside in the most beautiful places.


4) Dark Zodiac

There is no good fortune to be found here, only evil, for the Dark Zodiacs were summoned by the Horror to bring darkness upon the living.

There are 12 zodiac signs, but a look at the astronomical roots reveals a 13th. The origin dates back to 2,500 years ago in ancient Babylon, and now HHN 10 has made it the inspiration for Dark Zodiac. An interesting reimagining of the signs of the zodiac with a twist of horror, this spooky area will appeal to astrology and zodiac fans, including tarot card lovers.

Stick around long enough all night and you might even witness the live invocation of the 13th Zodiac. There’s no need to worry if you miss this, though – keep an eye out for wandering creatures, and the time will come when your zodiac sign will appear.

5) Hunt for the Pontianak

Follow in the footsteps of missing influencers in the dark jungle in search of Pontianak – just be careful not to share their horrific fate.

Ghostly entities vary from culture to culture, and for the local paranormal scene, there is no other spirit that has more presence than the Pontianak. The Hunt of Pontianak scare zone reinforces Singaporean identity and should be fun to explore for horror fans who grew up with local ghost stories, such as Russell Lee readers. True Singapore Ghost Stories series.


6) Escape Escape

Take part in this laser tag experience and survive the demented villains of Heinous Harbor as they try to keep you there forever!

If you thought it was hard to run away from maniacal villains in a locked facility, try to escape them and solve puzzles at the same time. Escape the Breakout is perfect for adrenaline junkies who want the thrill of the hunt and mystery seekers, as five-member teams work together to overcome dangers and get to safety.

While laser tag isn’t exclusive to Halloween Horror Nights 10, this year’s event is the first time that puzzle-solving mechanics have been incorporated into the experience. This results in a very high intensity game, where the instinct to run and shoot everything in your line of sight will kick into high gear.

7) Die with the dead

Join the Seance Supper, but try not to scream when our psychic conjures up ghosts and the legendary MissFortune, as you dine on a horror-themed meal!

Want some bling on your dish? Die-ning with the Dead has you covered, especially for people who love live shows and experimental dining, or those with more adventurous taste buds. From Halloween-themed meals and decorations to eerie sound effects and music, the ambiance fully embraces the Halloween spirit (pun intended), though you might still want to take a peek. check your plate before you dig.

8) Monsters and Manifestations

Come behind the scenes with us for brand new scares! From performances of the dead in The Monstrous Graveyard to ghostly encounters in Malevolent Hallway and more. It’s a bloody time.

Monsters & Manifestations presents another way to experience scares, and it is highly recommended for visitors looking for more variety outside of horror houses and scary areas. A three-part act that establishes the scare factor through a mix of narrative and exploratory elements, it brings an added layer of immersion into play. It’s all fun and games in this all-new attraction – until the dead become living dead, that is.

The whole point of Halloween is to embrace fear and have fun while doing it, and that’s a tradition that Halloween Horror Nights has continued to uphold with its 10th iteration. Haunted houses, spooky areas, and special experiences may have different elements that appeal to different types of horror-loving fans, but one thing is for sure: always check your corners and don’t let your guard down no matter the location. .

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