8 Local Animal Attractions (Besides Singapore Zoo) You Can Visit

While Singapore Zoo has been rated one of the best zoos in the world by TripAdvisor, many of us may have been bored after visiting it over the years.

Besides the Zoo and other mainstream attractions such as Night Safari, River Safari and Jurong Bird Park, there are many other local animal attractions, including those we cover below, that you can visit with your family.

#1 The Museum of Living Turtles and Tortoises

Source: The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum Facebook page

Tortoises spend most of their time on land, while tortoises spend most of their time in water – which is why their shells can be very different. You can approach these creatures in ORTO (in Yishun). The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum actually holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of turtles and turtle artifacts.

You can interact with the tortoises, tortoises and terrapins in all their glory as they roam freely through the park, or even stop to pet them or feed them with the homemade food packet for £2.00 $ per pack.

Children aged 3 to 6 and seniors aged 60 and over $6.00 (citizen/RP)
$10.00 (others)
Children 6+ and Adults $10.00 (citizen/RP)
$14.00 (others)

Price: According to age

Location: 81 Lor Chencharu ORTO #01-16, Singapore 769198

Opening hours: Every day, except Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., by prior reservation

#2 Lian Wah Hang Farm

Source: Lian Wah Hang Farm Facebook Page

Have you ever wondered where your quail eggs come from? Located in Lim Chu Kang, Lian Wah Hang Farm is Singapore’s largest quail egg producer and has been operating in Singapore since 1954.

Besides just buying the locally sourced quail eggs during your visit, you can get a glimpse of the natives of the farm – the quails. Before going for quail watching adventures, a visit request from the farm owner will be required, which can be done using Facebook chat.

Location: 5 Lim Chu Kang Lane 6F, Singapore 718918

Opening hours: Weekends 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., subject to owner’s approval

Price: FREE admission upon approval

#3 Jurong Frog Farm

Source: Jurong Frog Farm Facebook Page

If you’re a big fan of reptiles, Jurong Frog Farms is worth a visit. Besides simply admiring the frogs from a distance, you can try to catch frogs or feed the frogs with the available frog food (sold separately). For frog meat lovers, you can indulge in the freshest frog legs you can find in Singapore.

Admission to Jurong Frog Farm is FREE during opening hours, but activities such as farm tours, catching and feeding frogs require an additional fee. Activities are subject to availability in compliance with COVID-19 security measures.

Activities Frog Quest Explorer Catch a frog Feeding frenzy Family visits
Price $18 $10.00 $3/box of feed At least $90

Location: 51 (Plot 56) Lim Chu Kang Lane 6, Singapore 718864

Opening hours: Weekends 9am-5.30pm, open to the public (call before visiting)

Price: FREE admission upon approval

#4 Hay Dairies Goat Farm

Source: Hay Dairies Pure Goat Milk Facebook Page

Being the one and only goat farm in Singapore, Hay Dairies Goat Farm is home to over 800 goats with the majority coming from the United States. At the farm, you can interact with the goats or feed them with hay packs sold on site. You can even watch the goat milking process if you arrive at the farm from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and taste the fresh milk

Although there is no entrance fee required for the Hay Dairies goat farm, you will need to purchase alfalfa hay for $5 a pack to feed the hungry goats. You can also purchase a range of souvenirs such as freshly bottled goat’s milk, handmade goat’s soap, drawstring bags and coolers.

Opening hours: Daily except tuesday 9am-4pm, open to the public

Location: 3 Lim Chu Kang Lane 4, Singapore 718859


#5 Gallop stable

Source: Gallop stable Facebook page

Launched in 2003, Gallop Stable operates two outlets which are currently Singapore’s largest public equestrian centers for horses and ponies. To fully experience horseback riding, you have the option of riding through the lush greenery of Bukit Timah, which is filled with wildlife such as monkeys or even monitor lizards. Alternatively, you can also hike a custom trail if you’re feeling more adventurous. Besides the rides, you can also feed the pony the homemade feed after the ride (sold separately).

Pony and horseback rides start at $10 per ride with staff supervision and a hard hat included, and pony food packs are $2 per food pack.

Opening hours: Every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., call to check availability

Location: Bukit Timah – 100 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287992

Pasir Ris – 61 Pasir Ris Green Carpark C Singapore 518225

Price: $10 each way, separate charge for special arrangements

#6 Gallop Kranji Farm Resort

Source: Gallop Kranji Farm Resort official website

If you are looking for a short stay surrounded by animals, the Gallop Kranji Farm Resort is probably the only option available in Singapore. Consisting of 35 category villas of various sizes, you can bring your family and friends for a short stay or a day trip.

At the resort premises, you can engage in activities such as shrimp fishing, feeding rabbits and ponies, and even horseback riding. Based on a previous post on their Facebook page, a Standard Villa room starts from $175/night. It’s a relatively affordable way for you to enjoy close animal interactions while having a vacation.

Opening hours (main office): Every day from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Location: 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2, Singapore 718813

Price: Depending on the request and the size of the room

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#7 Acres Wildlife Rescue Center (AWRC)

Source: Animal Concerns Research and Education Society of Singapore (ACRES) Facebook page

We’ve all heard of ACRES’ tremendous efforts to save helpless wildlife, but have you ever wondered what happens to them after that? Rescued animals that are unfit to live in the wild, such as exotic or injured animals, are housed at the ACRES Wildlife Rescue Center (AWRC) until relocated or repatriated to their home country .

Although ACRES does not charge an entrance fee, a minimum donation of $10 per person is required to be able to view the animals at the AWRC, which can range from exotic monkeys to lizards. All donations will go directly to animal welfare programs in Singapore.

Opening hours (main office): 24 hours

Location: 91 Jalan Lekar, Singapore 698917 (prior reservation required)

Price: Minimum donation of $10 per person

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#8 Qian Hu Fish Farm

One of the leading integrated ornamental fish suppliers in the region, Qian Hu Fish Farm exports more than 1,000 species and varieties of fish to more than 80 countries around the world.

There are a range of activities you can experience on the farm. You can immerse yourself in an informative guided farm tour, learn about long kang fishing from the good old days of kampong, or enjoy a 30-minute natural fish spa to exfoliate your feet. Alternatively, you can visit their retail section to pick up aquatic animals and plants of your choice.

Activities Fish spa (30 minutes) Long Kang Fishing Guided tours (75 minutes)
Price Adult $10
Children $5
Seniors $5 (weekdays), $10 (weekends)
$6 (30 mins)
$10 (60 minutes)
Adult $8
Children $7

Opening hours: Every day, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (weekends until 7 p.m.)

Location: 71, Jalan Lekar, Sungei Tengah Singapore 698950

Price: Free admission, separate fees for special activities

This article was first published on November 20, 2020 and updated with new information. Additional reporting by Agnès Goh.

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