Chandigarh Bird Park – Know about Attractions, Location, Timings, Entrance Fees

Chandigarh, nestled in the foothills of Shivalik, is literally a land where nature thrives. Why not be a favorite hotspot for birds to visit? The wonder of the sights of seasonal migratory birds flocking to Sukhna Lake in autumn is breathtaking. And thanks to that, our fascination with our winged friends has only grown. So, Bird Park in Chandigarh, why not?

Chandigarh got its bird park in November 2021. Ever since its inauguration by First Lady Savita Kovind, wife of the President of India, the bird park has been a hit among visitors who throng here from afar. The excitement can be gauged from the overwhelming 13,000 footsteps in the first five days of its inauguration. Home to nearly 550 exotic birds of 48 species, this park takes you to an enchanting wonderland.

First Lady Savita Kovind, wife of the President of India, inaugurating Bird Park in November 2021. Source: The Tribune

Established by the UT Chandigarh Department of Forestry and Wildlife, the bird park is a sprawling beauty spread over 6.5 acres in Nagar Van, behind Sukhna Lake. It is designed sensibly and sensitively keeping in mind the free flight, habitat, nesting and breeding of different species of birds. It provides sufficient space of 58 feet flight height for each bird. Adorned with thousands of plants and trees forming canopies of different sizes, it creates an ideal habitat for birds of different species. Every herb, shrub, bush or tree is planted with the birds’ needs in mind.

chandigarh bird park

Debendra Dalai, chief conservator of forests, UT, says the bird park is modeled after Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. It is believed that this structure would be the tallest structure in the country in the Aviary field.

Main Attractions of Chandigarh Bird Park

Exotic birds are the superstars

The birds are by far the superstars here. Nearly 550 exotic birds of 48 species, including aquatic, terrestrial, and tame, are here, but none are sidekicks or steal each other’s thunder. Meet the star cast: African lovebirds, parakeets, white swan, black swan, wood duck, golden pheasant, yellow golden pheasant, green-winged macaw, brown conures, African gray parrot, finches and melanistic pheasant.

You get the guided tour of the aviaries and can click pictures with the birds.

bird park road sign

Navgraha Vatika

Steeped in astronomical and astrological principles, the Navgraha Vatika embodies the positivity of nine planets surrounding human life.

Nakshatra Vatika

The sculpture in the middle of the garden is one of the most majestic which fills you with awe and makes you feel humbled by the higher powers of space.

Rashi Vatika

Source: Times of India

According to Indian Hindu astrology, each rashi or zodiac sign has its own fauna and this garden is dedicated to them. Jamun is associated with bull, dhaak with lion and mango with fish. Adopting a plant associated with one’s rashi or zodiac sign is one of the oldest astrological practices in India. It is believed to bring growth and positivity in life.

Journey from Sukhna Lake to Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary

The nature trail to Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary is like a walk on a road less traveled in the middle of the forest. The delights of chirping birds, fluttering beaming butterflies will surely make your day. Just a word of warning – beware of reptiles like snakes in the area.

Two aviaries

There are two sections of aviaries in the Chandigarh Bird Park:

  • Small aviaries section – It houses small birds such as parakeet and lovebirds.
  • Large aviaries – With separate aviaries for land and water birds.

Activity area, cafeteria and gift shop

Located at the exit of the Parc des Oiseaux, the café is a pleasant place to have a snack. No structure looks out of place here, the trees are adorned with colorful paper decorations.

Location of the Parc des Oiseaux:

Chandigarh Bird Park is located at Nagar Van (City Forests) behind Sukhna Lake, UT Chandigarh. (Location on Google maps)

Bird park entrance fees

Sr. No. Category Ticket price (Per person)
1. Entrance fees to the bird park (adult) [Indian] Rs.50/-
2. Entrance fees to the bird park (adult) [Foreigner] Rs. 100/-
3. Entrance fees to the bird park (children from 5 to 12 years old) Rs. 30/-
4. Entrance fees for the tamed section (adult / child) [Indian] Rs. 100/-
5. Entrance fees for the tamed section (adult) [Foreigner] Rs.500/-
Entrance fees for students?

Admission is free for UT Chandigarh students as well as accompanying teachers on their educational trip, but prior permission must be obtained from the Department. A maximum of 30 students and 2 teachers are allowed in the bird park per day from a school.


Entry time Closing time (Last entry)
10:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m.
Monday Tuesday Closed to visitors; for the care and rest of birds

Schedules are revised according to weather conditions. The revised schedule entered into force from 6and May 2022 until further notice. (Last entry at 6:00 p.m.).

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