The 2022 MENA Attractions & Destinations Forum is set to spotlight the region’s top attractions

Doha: To help countries in the MENA region rethink their strategies and implement new plans to reopen existing destinations and attractions in a safe and sustainable manner after the pandemic slows down, the MENA Attractions & Destinations Forum 2022 will be held on September 28-29, 2022 in Dubai, UAE to explore upcoming cultural and leisure projects and ways to stimulate the growth of the tourism sector.

The interactive forum will host over 300 international and regional stakeholders from key sectors, including governments, tourism agencies and consultants, hotel chains, park owners and operators, museums, cultural and heritage site authorities, technology and solution providers and investment institutions. With several world heritage and religious sites, modern attractions and leisure destinations, more than 50 million tourists visit the region every year.

The MENA region has received an increasing influx of tourists, leading to growth in attractions and destinations. However, some key challenges still prevent the region from harnessing the full potential of the industry, particularly with changing demographics, infrastructure, weather conditions and technological developments.

The forum will also focus on the development and rebranding of destinations that cater to a diverse demographic, current innovative family entertainment and edutainment entertainment that meets visitor needs, converting heritage sites into new attractions to cater to different population segments and capitalizing on live entertainment to increase visitor numbers.

Osama Khlawee, AVP Tourism Sites and Destination Development Leader, said: “Destination development involves the planning of defined areas to stimulate the evolution of dynamic destinations for tourists, ensuring compelling experiences, diverse tourism offerings, infrastructure quality and services to attract people to live, work. , and return to the destination. Take full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, meet the needs of visitors, industry, the environment and host communities by ensuring good management and marketing which are particularly important for destinations to attract new investments, develop value-added jobs, recruit new talent and stimulate innovation.

Richard Krent, Director of Development, Qiddiya, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, added, “Destination development requires an intensity of creative art with a sense of joy that connects with its audience.”

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