These European attractions are cheaper alternatives to more expensive activities

The art is not only in one of the famous museums, but can also be on the street. Here’s how you can make the most of Europe’s cheaper attractions and avoid burning your pockets. By Alison Fox

As important as hitting the highlights is on a great trip, getting to a big city’s most common and sought-after attractions certainly comes at a price. Choosing alternative experiences not only allows travelers to see a different, or perhaps local, side to a destination, but also saves money in the process.

Save money by opting for cheaper alternatives to more expensive attractions in Europe

By taking this approach, travelers can truly maximize the value of their vacation, Tripadvisor shared with Travel + Leisure.

“Experiences are a great way to create profitable travel memories while learning about a destination’s culture and surroundings,” said Kate Urquhart, general manager of experiences at Tripadvisor. T+L, when we talk about the high cost of travel. “Tripadvisor offers many amazing tours, activities, and attractions that provide personalized access to unforgettable foods, historic sites, exclusive nature and wildlife vantage points, and so much more.”

For example, no trip to Italy is complete without sampling (and over-indulging) the incredible food. But instead of planning an extravagant five-course meal, which can top $300 (INR 23,811) per person, Tripadvisor suggests people take a Roman food tour in the Trastevere district. On the tour, travelers can sample everything from antipasti to pizza, gelato and even wine for just 134 USD (INR 10,635) per person.

In Paris, visiting museums is at the top of most people’s vacation bucket lists, but a VIP visit to the Louvre or Musée d’Orsay can mean shelling out 226 USD (INR 17,942). Instead, the tour booking site suggests visitors book a Belleville street art tour with an artist for just 33 USD (INR 2,620) per person and experience the street art and paintings city ​​of lights murals.

Graffiti and mural on rue Denoyez in the Belleville district of Paris. Image: Frédéric Soltan/Contributor/Getty Images

And no visit to London is complete without a stop on the winding Thames. But instead of paying $159 (INR 12,623) for a dinner cruise, travelers can book a high-speed RIB and see the same iconic sights for just $55 (INR 4,365) per person.

Domestic travel in the United States is no different. On Oahu, for example, snorkeling is a popular activity (for obvious reasons), but it can also be expensive: a private snorkeling tour aboard a 46-foot yacht can cost $1,956 ( INR 155250). by group. Instead, Tripadvisor recommends the cost-effective Turtle Canyons Snorkeling Tour from Waikiki, which costs just US$85 (INR 6,746) per person but offers the same marine life.

And in Charleston (named the #1 city in the United States by T+L readers for 10 consecutive years), an eco-boat cruise is a great budget-friendly way to explore for just US$56 (INR 4,445) per person, compared to the much more expensive option of a private cruise, which can cost nearly 500 USD (INR 39,685) per group.

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